Green Card/Residency Petitions

Treasure Coast and South Florida Immigration Attorney: Citizenship – Naturalization – Green Card

Although most of my practice is devoted to divorce and other family law issues, I also help clients with certain immigration problems, especially those issues that are affected by changes in marital status. For further information and a free consultation over the phone, contact me by calling the Law Offices of Peggy Cruz-Townsend, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale.

I can give you sound advice and make sure that your USCIS documents are properly prepared and filed in situations such as the following:

  • Applications for green cards, or permanent residence status in the U.S.
  • Applications for citizenship and naturalization
  • Problems concerning family-sponsored immigration
  • Questions concerning previous divorces overseas for persons intending to marry in the United States
  • Changes in residency status due to divorce, adoption, graduation from college or a degree program, or loss of a job
  • Domestic violence or abuse victim visa and green card preferences

My immigration practice focuses on the problems that immigrants and visa holders can encounter as a result of changes in their family circumstances, both here in the United States and in other nations. I also help immigrants understand how the decision to file for divorce might affect their green card or residence status, or how under certain circumstances their status might even be improved.

As a  Spanish speaking attorney, I can advise and represent both immigration and family law clients from just about anywhere in Latin America in your own language. For a consultation about obtaining American citizenship, resolving questions about the immigration law implications of South Florida family law problems, or other family-related immigration questions, contact me by calling the Law Offices of Peggy Cruz-Townsend, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale.

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