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South Florida and Treasure Coast Divorce & Family Law Attorney

I am a former assistant state attorney and a former magistrate who has been practicing family law in Florida for over 18 years.  I handle uncontested paternity/child support cases and uncontested divorce cases (also known as simple or friendly divorce cases) as well more complex contested divorce and family law cases.


Now, while many attorneys live to handle and promote highly contested family and divorce cases due to the lucrative nature of these highly contested and litigated cases, I am most passionate about what is in the best interest of my clients.  I strongly believe that in most family law cases, if both parties are reasonable people, an agreement can be reached.  If an agreement is reached, then it is extremely beneficial for the clients because they can avoid long, stressful, costly and emotionally-draining divorce or family court battles.  As your South Florida and Treasure Coast divorce & family law attorney, I believe it is my job to do what is in your best interest. If reaching an agreement in your case is in your best interest, then I will work tirelessly toward that goal during the time that I will be representing you.


If after every effort has been made through discussions, settlement conferences and mediation and an uncontested divorce agreement is not possible, then I will not hesitate to fiercely fight for you in court to secure your rights and ensure that you receive absolutely everything afforded to you under the law.


Furthermore, I have extensive experience handling family and divorce cases that involve children who have special needs, such as autism, ADD/ADHD, cerebral palsy and many others.  As a mother and aunt of children with special needs, I am well-aware of the emotional, educational and financial needs of children with special needs.  As your South Florida and Treasure Coast special needs attorney, I will first meet with you, and I will listen to your concerns and your goals for the future.  I will then explain to you what your rights are under the law, and how I can assist you in protecting these rights and ensuring your goals.  We will then develop a strategy to protect your rights, address your concerns and accomplish your goals.

Throughout the many years that I have handled special needs law cases, I have also had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and top-notch group of medical and financial special needs experts in South Florida.  Sometimes during the handling of special needs cases, the court may need expert opinions and testimony when the parties cannot agree on what is in the best interest of the children.  As your attorney, I will be able to quickly and easily call upon these medical and financial experts anytime during your representation.  Should the services of these special needs experts be needed during the course of your family court proceeding and/or at trial to ensure that the special needs of my clients’ children are clearly and fairly addressed, I will be happy to assist you in acquiring these experts.  Due to my personal experience with special needs children, I know how painful and difficult the process of going through a divorce with these children can be.  As your Fort Lauderdale special needs lawyer I will utilize my first hand, personal experience to ensure this process is as smooth and stress free as possible.  Please feel free to contact me today to schedule an appointment to discuss your divorce or family matter by phone or in person.

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