Custody and Visitation

South Florida and Treasure Coast Child Custody and Time Sharing Lawyer

In most cases, parents are able to reach agreement about such questions as when each parent will be able to see the children and how weekends and holidays will be shared.

When you hire me as your divorce attorney, I will give you a clear understanding of your rights and the legal considerations that guide child custody decisions and disputes, whether you’re the parent with primary physical custody or the parent who needs visitation or time-sharing rights protected and defined in a parenting plan. For more information about joint legal custody and visitation, contact me at The Law Offices of Peggy Cruz-Townsend, P.A.

If you’re unable to reach agreement as to the custody arrangements that need to be worked out for the children of your marriage, Florida family law requires that child custody questions be referred to mediation before a Family Court judge will hear and resolve the disagreement. I will explain to you the factors and considerations that a judge must take into account in deciding child custody cases, so that your position either in negotiations with your spouse or before a mediator will be based on your legal rights and the facts of your particular situation.

When child custody issues are brought for formal hearing in the Family Court, the judge is required to determine the case according to the best interests of the children directly involved. There are many factors the judge can consider in identifying the children’s best interests, but the judge has very broad discretion in deciding whether to adopt the position of one parent or the other, or some other decision that will satisfy neither parent.

The discretion of the Family Court in determining child custody and visitation disputes means that neither parent can count on achieving a favorable resolution from a judge–that’s why it’s important to negotiate these issues from a position of strength based on a solid understanding of the law and an objective view of the facts that relate to your situation. My experience and understanding of the law will help you work from that strong position.

I can also help you resolve difficult or unique child custody questions that arise when one parent or the other has a disability or mental disorder, or when a parent faces immigration issues. Parents of children with special needs also appreciate my ability to take those needs into account in negotiating, mediating, or litigating child custody and time-sharing issues. Additionally, I can advise you about the effect of a domestic violence conviction or injunction on either parent’s child custody or visitation rights.

For more information about my ability to help resolve your child custody questions in a South Florida or Treasure Coast divorce, contact me.

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