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If you’re involved in a divorce as a stay-at-home mom, an older woman who has not worked outside the home for many years, or a woman with a disability that prevents you from finding employment, you may need alimony as part of your temporary support or permanent divorce settlement. Contact me, Peggy Cruz-Townsend, Esq., for the advice of an experienced divorce attorney. I also represent divorcing husbands who need guidance as to their rights and obligations with respect to alimony payments. Sometimes a husband is entitled to receive alimony himself.

In cases where each spouse is capable of maintaining a reasonably secure standard of living on his or her own, there’s a strong chance that alimony won’t be awarded at all. In other cases where a dependent spouse needs to complete educational requirements or professional training, rehabilitative alimony might be awarded for a limited time depending on circumstances

Permanent alimony awards may be granted in long-term marriage cases, especially where the dependent spouse has little or no work experience. Also, temporary alimony based on one spouse’s needs and the other spouse’s ability to pay may be negotiated or ordered to help the dependent spouse make a successful transition to self-sufficiency.

Like child support issues, alimony disputes must usually be submitted to mediation before a Family Court judge will hear the opposing attorneys’ arguments on the contested matter. Unlike child support, however, the negotiation and litigation of alimony issues is much more flexible, and in close cases neither party will be able to predict or appeal a judge’s ruling. Because of the practical and changing needs that alimony is designed to address, there’s more leeway in negotiating spousal support than there is in other divorce issues.

As a result, an experienced divorce lawyer knows how to review your circumstances and that of your spouse to find a mutually acceptable solution to whatever spousal support problems that might arise in your case, and understands how the relationship between alimony and property division issues can work to your advantage. For example, a negotiated divorce settlement might result in a lump sum alimony payment somewhat larger than a mediator might recommend, in exchange for the other spouse’s keeping a larger share of the marital property, including pension benefits. Both parties can thus achieve their main objectives while resolving the case quickly and inexpensively.

In my Fort Lauderdale, Broward County based family law practice, I am always interested in helping my clients meet their goals without a lot of worry or high attorney’s fees. For practical and dependable advice about your alimony situation, call my office.

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