Domestic Violence

Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence Lawyer

In my Fort Lauderdale divorce practice, domestic violence is sometimes an issue that can affect a divorcing spouse’s rights to child visitations, custody, or even to get a green card for residence in the United States. I have extensive experience with representing clients who have been victimized by domestic violence, as well as clients who have been accused of domestic violence. If you’re on either side of a charge of domestic violence or spousal abuse, either in a divorce case or as a problem in itself, contact me at The Law Offices of Peggy Cruz-Townsend, P.A., for a free consultation over the phone or at our office.

If you’re the victim of threats, harassment, or assault in a domestic situation, I can help you find the help you need to help ensure your personal safety. I can help you get a domestic violence injunction or restraining order that will prohibit your attacker from coming near you, from calling you at home or at work, or even from sending you e-mail. I’ll present the facts of your situation in a way that a court will order your spouse, ex-spouse, or live-in companion to leave you alone, and I’ll work to keep the protective order in place if the person appears later in court to get the domestic violence injunction removed.

Many non-citizens of South Florida are in abusive marriages or relationships but are afraid to file for divorce or seek a domestic violence injunction for fear that their residence status will change for the worse, so they might have to leave the country. Actually, the opposite may be true. Immigrant victims of domestic violence represent a preferred class under U.S. immigration law, and may get a green card for permanent residence faster. If you are an immigrant who needs advice about protection from domestic violence and changing your legal status, I can give you clear answers and prepare the necessary documentation.

I also represent persons accused of domestic violence. It’s an unfortunate fact that many charges of domestic violence are filed not because the alleged victim needs protection, but for the sake of a tactical advantage in a divorce case, especially where child custody and time-sharing issues are likely to be in dispute. It’s common in these situations for a domestic violence restraining order to be entered against you without advance notice, but with an opportunity to come back to court within 15 days to tell your side of the story. I can serve as your advocate in court to present the facts that can dismiss the injunction.

For additional information about my ability to handle your domestic violence situation both in and out of divorce cases, contact my Fort Lauderdale office.

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