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Married Florida Undocumented Aliens Who Are Abused May Obtain Greencards
February 1, 2013

futureOur firm provides resourceful, dependable, and affordable legal advice and representation to South Florida clients who need help with divorce, other family law matters, bankruptcy, and related immigration issues. I work directly with you to make sure that you understand your rights and responsibilities in the given situation, that I understand the facts of your problem and your goals for resolving it, and that my legal solutions will solve your problem as effectively, quickly, and cost effectively as the circumstances will allow.

For a consultation at our office or over the telephone, contact me at my Fort Lauderdale office. We offer evening appointments, if my weekday office hours are inconvenient for you. I am also completely bilingual, and can serve Spanish-speaking clients just as easily as I can represent those who speak English. I accept most forms of payment for services, including major credit cards.

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