In a slip and fall case, we must prove that the negligence was foreseeable and that it led to your accident. An example is when oil is spilled at an auto repair shop and it remains on the floor for several hours thereby leading to your slip and fall accident.  Since it is foreseeable that the gas station’s failure to clean the oil would lead to an accident, you may be able to sue the auto repair shop for any injuries you suffered as a result of the slip and fall accident.

Attorney Peggy Cruz-Townsend works with victims of slip and fall accidents on a contingency basis.  This means that our firm will not collect any attorney fees or court-related costs from you unless we recover money for you in your accident case.

To prove negligence, our law firm would immediately gather evidence such as photographs and/or video recordings of your injury,  obtain your medical records, obtain your accident report and interview witnesses about the incident. It is important to contact an attorney soon after a slip and fall because time is of the essence.

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